What is TakeActionBU?

TakeActionBU is an online fundraising tool created by the Bloomsburg University Foundation that allows individuals and organizations to create and share fundraising campaigns with an engaged community. The TakeActionBU platform can empower the entire BU community to come together and have a lasting impact on projects they are passionate about.

Who can contribute to TakeActionBU campaigns?

Anyone! Contributions to projects can be made by any individual or organization inside or outside of the BU community.

Will my TakeActionBU gift be tax-deductible?

Usually. Contributions to TakeActionBU projects support specific areas of Bloomsburg University and are tax-deductible as allowed by law unless otherwise noted.

How do I make my gift anonymously?

You can uncheck the "Post my name" box on the donation screen to keep your name from appearing on the donor scroll. If you would like your name, but not your gift amount listed, please uncheck only the "Post donation amount" box.

My gift did not appear in the project progress right after I made it. When will it be included in the project total?

Thank you for your gift. Project fundraising totals are updated daily. If your gift does not appear within two business days, you may email TakeActionBU@bloomufdn.org.

Is my TakeActionBU gift eligible for corporate matching?

Usually. However, it can take several months for corporate matching funds to be sent to the Bloomsburg University Foundation. In the event the corporate match does not arrive before the project deadline, it will be applied to the respective organization or group's program fund for future projects. Some employers have very restrictive matching gift programs. Contact our Gifts Processor ar (570) 389-5438 with questions.

What if a project doesn't meet its funding goal?

In the event a campaign is unable to meet its fundraising goals, gifts will remain in the organization/group program fund.

What if the project raises more than its funding goal?

If a campaign raises funds above the fundraising goal, surplus funds will either be used to enhance the project or preserved for future projects by that specific group/organization.

How will I know if and when a campaign reaches its funding goal?

You can always check back on the project page to look at the funding progress and to see project updates. All donors who provided an e-mail address at the time they made their gift will automatically receive updates for that project when they are entered on the site.

How does a project receive its funding?

Upon completion of a project's campaign the Bloomsburg University Foundation will transfer 100% of the funds raised to the appropriate Bloomsburg University project fund.

Can I share a project through social media accounts?

Yes, please do! There are social media icons displayed on each project page that allows you to share via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Who can start a project on TakeActionBU?

The first step for students, faculty or staff members interested in submitting a crowdfunding project application to the Bloomsburg University Foundation is to take our eligibility quiz. Quizzes and applications should be requested by emailing TakeActionBU@bloomufdn.org or calling Samantha at 570-389-5364.

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The following information applies to the policies of GiveCorps and Network for Good.

About Network for Good

What is Network for Good?

Network for Good provides web-based, mobile-ready, and donor centered solutions to nonprofit organizations that want to create a socially connected and rewarding giving experience for their community of donors.

Are my online donations made through Network for Good safe and secure?

Network for Good's web applications follow the best practices in Internet security, and use the strongest encryptions (SSL) available among popular browsers. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Where can I learn more about Network for Good?

Please visit http://www.networkforgood.com/about/ to learn more about our company and our online giving strategies and solutions.