Thank You Bloomsburg!

Helping keep our town proud and beautiful.

Big Event 2018 A Project of Bloomsburg University Foundation, Inc.

Help us Help the Community.

We're asking for your help to make this year's BIG Event the best one yet! Your donation can assist in covering the cost of trash bags, gloves, T-shirts and other supplies.

Throughout the years, student participation for the BIG Event has grown dramatically and residents of the town look forward to the event each year.

This year the Big Event is on April 7th. With its proven success, CGA knows that The BIG Event will help maintain the sense of community throughout the town of Bloomsburg in this effort of giving back and to maintain a healthy relationship with town/gown relations. If you have any questions please contact

Make a donation today.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 and the money raised will provide the supplies we need to clean up the town during our day of service. We are asking for your support! Your contributions will make The BIG Event a continued success, not just for this year, but in the years to come. With the growing participation, the demand for supplies increases each year.

During the day, Bloomsburg University students can be seen raking leaves, painting fences, picking up trash and litter, cleaning up public places and working around the homes of elderly residents.

By helping the CGA fund this project this year, you will be helping the students of Bloomsburg University improve our community. Bloomsburg is a community of givinf and we hope that you can do the same.

$3,750 Raised
37% towards $10,000 Goal

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